I am an artist from Brasil, based in U.S. doing botanical art and illustration and rediscovering the world everyday.


Artist Statement

Each work is a story in itself for me. I tell stories, and I've made patience and detail my voice for telling it. The act of making my art, brings me a deep focus, silence my thoughts, and I find this to relate a lot with my own experience of nature, a kind of very aware wonder feeling.

The self generating gesture, a pattern of repetition in a tiny scale, to generate a bigger picture fascinates me. The idea of an molecular world where different sources of nature energy (atoms and molecules) are the base to create everything that we can see around us. Isn’t that amazing?

I have been furthering my discoveries and my passion for the life forms around us through a Botanical Illustration certificate at Phipps Conservatory, that immersed me in the botanical world, where I truly feel like I belonged from the beginning.

As I have a strong drawing background, my sweetspot techniques include: graphite, pen and ink, colored pencil and watercolor.

Exploratory and curious, I handle my tools to conceive answers in a botanical sight, how growth patterns should be represented, or matching a color for accuracy with the subject. But also I employ effort to raise awareness of our surroundings, I believe that this sort of storytelling can help conservation and contemplation of all the beautiful life that is always around us in the planet earth.



BA - Visual arts with a major in education (licenciatura) - Federal University of Pelotas, Brazil.

Current enrolled:

Botanical art and illustration certificate - Phipps Garden - Pittsburgh, PA

Recent Exhibitions

June 2018 - Open show | Group show at Latrobe art center - Latrobe, PA

March 2018 - Plantae from the east end of Pittsburgh | Solo show at Assemble - Pittsburgh, PA

October 2017 - A Poisonous Halloween | Group show at Farm & Forest - Pittsburgh, PA

May 2017 - Open show | Group show at Latrobe art center - Latrobe, PA