I started a Blog!

It’s been almost 3 weeks since I am back from the backcountry. I can wake up and see the sun rising, like a did every morning of the past month, but I no longer share that with canyon landscapes. I have put this together to THANK YOU for being so generous and supporting me from the beginning. I have to share all of  this adventure with y’all.

Comb Ridge, UT

I feel like setting an intention to what I want to do with my writing, I had this idea of remembering day by day and put together these memories/stories in words, so I can live it all once more as a storyteller, and for us to share all that just happened in my journey. First I want to share with you a more logistic look at the routine we had, but then also take you inside my tent, and talk about everything I have just seen.

The program I participated was called Red rocks and yellow dirt. It was a month long immersion in the four corners of the Colorado plateau. Organized by Singal Fire. We took a close look in the Pueblo remains across the four corners (NM,UT,CO,AR), studied about nuclearism and land justice issues, visited and were visited by incredible people working in all different things like authors, artists and activists. We are going to speak about all of it.

I can’t wait to share the first day, but to finish this quick introduction, I leave you with a break down of our rough schedule in the first week so we can always refer back here to remember what day it is. I hope you enjoy as much as I did, and I want to bring back all these memories as I work them into my art. Thank you again for being part of this journey with me!